I love the magical world of children! As a mother of three, I am always fascinated by the curiosity and imagination of children.

When we started our family, we lived in The Netherlands – the country with the happiest children! With our two first born children in The Hague we experienced that sometimes less is more. Our family trip continued to London where our youngest was born. I was very impressed by the British early childhood education.
I was lucky to be able to look beyond national borders when it comes to children's topics and to collect inspiration from every country for an imaginative and creative childhood.

These cultural recognitions inspired me to set up My Shiny Shop. How wonderful it would be to find a virtual place where you can browse through handpicked products from all over the world which would stimulate the imagination and creativity of children. A world where little one’s imagination leads to big adventures!

The My Shiny Shop dream started to take shape after a lot of determination, hard work and passion in 2012.  My online shop for unique toys, magical gifts, creative products and many handpicked items which are not readily available on the High Street invites grown-ups to dive into the magical world of childhood.

For ten years now, my little shop and I have made wishes come true, decorated lots of kids’ spaces, provided creative playtime, accompanied imaginative adventures, made eyes light up and thus created magical childhood memories.

I am proud and delighted to be able to offer you a wide range of products which capture and celebrate the joy of childhood.

Enjoy the magic of childhood Happy browsing Silke

Exceptional, precious, memorable

My personal handpicked selection of products and brands are all made to an extremely high standard, using natural materials. My inspiration comes from my personal experience gained from my travels over the years, plus from the ideas in everyday situations both at home or in the playground, from bike rides in the countryside to building a tent under sheets in our lounge - inspiration is all around us!

With my best wishes

Please feel free to browse through and enjoy the varied assortment of products, as seen through the eyes of children.
I will be delighted to assist you with any queries and help with your selections. As always, each item is carefully wrapped and includes a hand written card; every order is treated as an exceptional gift.

Environmentally friendly AND sustainable

Not only do I want to make children's eyes light up, but I pride myself in acting in a responsible manner, conserve resources and to run my business in a sustainable way. Items are shipped securely in recycled boxes, and parcels are delivered to the Post Office by cargo bike. More reasons for you to enjoy your My Shiny Shop package!

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