Discover Bobbin: British craftsmanship for stylish rides!

Bobbin is a British manufacturer of quality bicycles with style and personality.

A commitment to craftsmanship, design and comfort makes Bobbin the first choice for style-conscious cyclists in the UK and beyond.

The brand was founded by Tom and Sian in 2007. Before Bobbin, the two founders studied art and worked for marketing, art and design companies. Spending time in France and the Netherlands fuelled their enthusiasm for cycling and comfortable bikes. Unable to find bike shops or brands in London that met their needs, the idea for Bobbin was born.

Bobbin combines traditional British craftsmanship with contemporary design to create bikes that not only ride well, but look great too. Every Bobbin bike is designed and handcrafted with attention to detail to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

The Bobbin bike collection includes a wide range of models to suit every riding style and personality. From classic city bikes to elegant Dutch bikes and rugged touring bikes, Bobbin  has the perfect bike for everyone&

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39;s individual style and needs.

Bobbin believes that cycling should be an experience as well as a means of transport. That&