Muddy Buddy Outdoor Teepee Dreamer

Children love to play in caves. A wooden teepee is a great shelter for the little ones and can be used like a playhouse, as a hideaway to play, read or have secret conversations with friends. Made from FSC®-certified wood, the MUDDY BUDDY® Outdoor Wooden Tent is ideal for the traditional cowboy and Indian play or any other creative role play. The durable children's outdoor teepee is equipped with everything you need to play or chill. The top of the teepee can be decorated with two attachable flags. The removable chalkboard can be used for individual art ideas. And if you need some rest from the rest of the world, just close the curtain. The wooden tent from MUDDY BUDDY® is spacious and offers plenty of shade on sunny days.

  • Encourages outdoor learning and play
  • Encourages children's creativity
  • Made from high quality FSC® certified cypress wood
  • Pre-treated with wood preservative
  • Modern design with two flags and curtain
  • Removable chalkboard
  • Excellent after sales service for spare parts
149,95 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
  • Available immediately