Krima und Isa Sammelmappe Ordner A3 Punkte Pink Orange

I'm a big fan of the krima und isa A3 folders. Whether it's drawings made at nursery, school or at home, the krima und isa cardboard folder helps me to organise all my children's artwork. Each child gets a different design so that the folders can be distinguished.
The folder is also a useful tool for transporting the children's drawings between school/ nursery and home. The A3 sketchpad also fits into the folder and is safe to take anywhere.

The designs of the krima und isa document holders are cheerful and playful, brightening up everyday life. The krima und isa folder in A3 Dots Pink/ Orange is decorated with lots of orange dots on a pink background. A really cool colour combination.
The krima und isa A3 Dots Pink Orange folder brings order to the daily paper chaos and is my favourite folder for school.


  • A3 size
  • For school and home use
  • Carry and store artworks
  • Made of sturdy, high-quality cardboard
  • Secure protection with three inside flaps and sturdy elastic band
  • Space for individual labelling
  • Easy to use, suitable for small children
6,45 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
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