Baby swing, Toddler wooden indoor swing seat, Lillagunga different Rope Colours

A baby or toddler swing can be used as soon as the child is able to sit independently. This is usually the case at around 6 months. The Lillagunga toddler swing is the perfect place for little ones to relax. In the Lillagunga swing, curious little ones can swing and watch what is going on around them. Swinging is fun and helps children develop. For me, there is no more beautiful and durable seat swing for toddlers than the Toddler Wooden Swing from the Finnish manufacturer Lillagunga.

The Lillagunga Toddler Swing is a reinterpretation of the classic wooden toddler swing from our childhood, designed and manufactured in Finland. The Lillagunga Toddler Swing is suitable for children between 6 months and 3 years. The Indoor Toddler collection of children's swings is made of sturdy oak or birch wood and is specially designed for indoor use. The swing can also be hung on the terrace/balcony. However, the toddler swing should be hung out of the sun and rain. Exposure to sunlight and moisture can alter the material and shorten the life of the swing. Please remove the swing from the outdoor area as soon as it is no longer used!

The swing is easy and safe to use as all Lillagunga products are delivered pre-assembled. Thanks to the patented rope lock, the toddler swing can be easily and comfortably adjusted in height. The Lillgunga swing seat is very comfortable and the sturdy wooden frame gives the little ones security. The swing ropes are made of tear-resistant plastic fabric.

  • Designed and sustainably manufactured in a Finnish swing factory.
  • Made of FSC-certified wood from Finnish trees.
  • Swing frame, rope length, rope colour and seat colour individually selectable
  • Swing is delivered pre-assembled and ready to use
  • Swing frame in solid oak with oiled finish or solid birch with white lacquer finish
  • Sturdy, hand-stitched seat in double-layered fabric or leather
  • Tear-resistant synthetic ropes with patented rope locking system
  • Optional: separate safety belt for more safety
Swing frame 
Swing seat 
Rope colour 
Ceiling height 
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